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Durian. Giant Tropical Fruit.
King of the fruits. Durian. Giant Tropical Fruit.

How to Grow the Durian Fruit You Love by Jess Schira.

Learn the steps durian fruit producers take to ensure you’re able to enjoy the high quality, tasty, durian fruit you crave. Published by Tempesta Media.



Integrated Farming Systems Save India’s Farming Community by Jess Schira

When members of the agriculture community look towards the future, they are often worried. While there are many things that concern them, how to improve agriculture production in such a way that it continues to feed a population that is expected to swell to 9 billion people in the next 30 years while also conserving natural resources is one of the pressing concerns farmers and other members of the agricultural community currently face. Integrated farming is one of the potential solutions the agriculture industry is exploring. Published by Tempesta Media



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