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Samoan Flying Fox




A healthy, genetically superior male Malayan Flying Fox bats enjoys romantic dalliances with approximately 10%
Malayan Flying Fox






According to the Papyrus Ebers, a combination of equal parts of bat's blood, honey, frankincense, lizard's%2
Bats were a popular ingredient in a number of historical medical remedies. The bat featured in the photo is a common vampire bat.

Ancient Slavic folklore indicates that vampires don't .



Sharing the LoveMost of the world_s bats species are polygamous by nature, and at least some of the sp
I find it impossible to not love Greater Horseshoe Bats.




Recently discovered dinosaur, Yi qi has wings that appear to have been an early prototype for the wings%
This is just a small sampling of what you’ll after reading the Origins of Bats chapter.


Bats, like this dwarfed epauletted bat and Samoan flying foxes are an important aspect of rainforest ecology,




Pliny the Elder
I can’t stop wondering what Pliny the Elder saw that made him think bat blood triggered lust.






The Long History of Bats & Human Hair (1)




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