60 Beautiful Bat Facts


QUINOASince the dawn of time, bats and humans have shared an uneasy relationship. Humans have claimed that bats consort with the devil, were proof of witchcraft, and had the ability to morph into vampires, and doctors used bats as antidotes for a variety of maladies. Used in medicines and viewed as harbingers of disasters, these cute furry flying creatures have had a rough ride.

Not only are bats clean, peaceful animals that simply want to be left alone to do their job, they’re also an evolutionary wonder that serve an important ecological role. Without bats, the world would be a very different, far less pleasant place to live.

60 Beautiful Bat Facts explores how different cultures react to bats, reveals that not all bats are disease riddled varmints, nor do they pose a threat to your life. Reading this book lifts the lid on all the myths about the dangers of disease from bats, the mythology surrounding them and more about how they live and survive in an increasingly hostile ecological environment.

Whether you love bats, have a morbid curiosity about them, or fear them and just want to know more about your nemesis, 60 Beautiful Bat Facts is for you. You’ll enjoy this laid back and easy-to-read exploration of all things bat-like, even Batman!

60 Beautiful Bat Facts releases on January 8, 2018. Fans of Kindle ebooks can order their copy now. Those who enjoy other formats will be delighted by the knowledge that on January 8, 2018, the book will be available at all other major eBook retailers. Paperback copies will also be available on that date.

The things you’ll learn while reading 60 Beautiful Bat Facts include:

  • The connection between bats and witches
  • About different several different bat species including vampire bats, big brown bats, Samoan Flying foxes, Greater Horseshoe bats, Brandt’s bat, and many more
  • The far reaching effects of White-Nose Syndrome
  • The economic value of bats
  • Where bats come from
  • A wide array of folklore surrounding bats
  • How to encourage bats to roost on your property
  • And more!

Order your copy of 60 Beautiful Bat Facts today!





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