A Good IT Management Service Provider is Critical to Your Business’s Health

Given the importance of good IT management service provider, you can’t become casual about the company you use for your business’s IT needs. Asking a few key questions about the service provider’s business practices is an important key to your own business’s long-term survival.

What Team Members Will Handle Your Account

An IT management service provider is only as good as the people working for them. Before signing a contract with the service, arrange to meet the team that will be assigned to your business’s account. When you meet with the team, questions that need asked include:

  • How much experience/certifications they have
  • What are their areas of expertise
  • How long they’ve been working with the service provider

While meeting with the IT team, ask yourself if this is a group of people that you can trust with files that deal with sensitive information, such as save client financial info.

How Data Loss is Prevented

We’re living in a high-tech world which is why the words data loss should strike terror into your heart. The National Archives and Records Administration reported that 93% of companies who experienced a data loss that lasted for approximately 10 days ultimately filed for bankruptcy within a year of the loss. The best way to prevent your business from suffering the same bleak fate is working with an IT management service provider that takes data loss seriously.

When meeting with the service provider, ask questions that pertain to:

  • What high availability model they use
  • How they ensure your business’s computer system continues to operate smoothly
  • What cloud management system they use and how it’s protected from disasters and cyber-criminals
  • How quickly data is recovered from the cloud after a system operation failure

How They’ll Monitor your Business?

Automated monitoring ensures that your business’s system never experiences a shut down that results in your having to suspend operations for a certain period of time. Learn how they’ll use to automatically and constantly monitor your system, what types of remote monitoring is used, how reliable to remote monitoring system is, and how quickly they respond to alerts. If the management provider isn’t currently using a remote monitoring system, you should walk away and find a different provider.


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