Urban Bird Walk

I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to do, so when I found out that the Grand Rapids Audubon Society and the Grand Rapids Public Library were working together to host an evening urban bird walk, I jumped at the opportunity.

It really wouldn’t have been possible to have a nicer night for the urban bird watch. A soft breeze blew through the city, the weather was warm, and the sky clear. Since it was a weekday evening, traffic was light making it easy to cross one road after another. The only downside was that there wasn’t enough light for me to get any decent photos.
The event attracted approximately 50 people. The main focus of the tour was the Grand Rapids Peregrine Falcons. Two breeding pairs live in city and this year, each of the pairs managed to raise two young birds (one of the young falcons was struck by a car and killed.) Not only did the walk provide birders with an opportunity to spot a few of these falcons, it was also a chance to learn about the original release of the peregrines in the city, and a chance to learn about the two nesting boxes in the city. In addition to the Peregrine falcons, I also caught sight of ducks, gulls, pigeons, starlings, and some chimney swifts.

The great thing about the bird walk was that not only was it an opportunity to learn about the birds that call the city home, but it was also an opportunity to explore downtown Grand Rapids. I’ve always admired the downtown area, yet despite having lived in West Michigan my entire life, I’ve never had the opportunity to walk around it before.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first urban bird walk and hope to have an opportunity to take part in more.

The best thing about the walk was that it planted the seed of an idea for a future writing project.

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