Vampire Bats: WeWriWa 7/22/18

After a long hiatus, I’m returning to the WeWriWa blog hop. I’m still sharing snippets from my 60 Beautiful Bat Facts book. For the next few weeks, I intend to share from the chapter I wrote about vampire bats, those most misunderstood of all the bat species, which is saying something.

Three Distinct Species of Vampire Bats

That’s all for this week. Next Sunday we’ll dive into the world of the common vampire bat, which is an amazingly altruistic creature.

Don’t want to wait until next week to learn about vampire bats? Pick up a copy of my book, 60 Beautiful Bat Facts today. It’s available via Amazon.

Don’t forget to check out the other authors who chose to participate in this weeks WeWriWa blog hop.




18 thoughts on “Vampire Bats: WeWriWa 7/22/18

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  1. Oh, you’ve peeked my interest. I want to know more about the three different types! Always learning something from your posts. 🙂

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  2. I am not a bat person (more of the side that they are great for the ecosystem, they eat icky things that scare me, and please I’ll stay on my side of the room if you stay on yours). But that cover is the cutest little bat I have seen! Also, I really like the factoids, can’t wait to read more.

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