WeWriWa 3/4/18: No Two Bats Have the Same Wings

It’s Sunday! Time for the weekly WeWriWa blog hop, an event that allows authors who write in all genres to share snippets of up to 10 sentences long of their published or unpublished masterpieces. This week, I’m sharing a chunk of my recently published book, 60 Beautiful Bat Facts!

No Two Bats Have the Same WingsSybill Amelon of the USDA Forest Service, along with researchers from the

Thanks for taking the time to read my snippet. Don’t forget to check out the offerings of the other authors participating in this week’s WeWriWa blog hop!


13 thoughts on “WeWriWa 3/4/18: No Two Bats Have the Same Wings

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  1. Cool! This week there was a bat meme circulating on facebook. Someone was petting a huge bat that was hanging upside down. The text read “These aren’t bats. They’re flying dogs.” It was really cute. It did resemble a puppy. 🙂

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  2. Very interesting! I once had a bat camping out on my balcony for a few days. He’d fly off at night and then come back and sleep during the day. I named him Bart. 😀

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  3. I love how unique every created being is! This ranks right up there in the cool factor along with the interesting fact that identical twins have completely different fingerprints, even though they split from the same egg. Thanks for sharing.

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