What are Bats?-WeWriWa 1/21/18

It’s time for another wewriwa.com snippet and once again, I’m posting from my new release 60 Beautiful Bat Facts.

What are Bats_

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  1. I’ve always found bats interesting. Though where we live (in the Heldeberg Mts of upstate NY) we’re having lots of bat-related issues. The white-nose fungus is decimating them, and rabies is affecting too many of those survivors. It’s a scary situation.


    1. The way that WNS has ripped through the bat community is really alarming. If I remember correctly, wasn’t NY that state the fungus was originally found in?

      Is rabies really a problem in the NY bat population? The reason I ask is I’m considering writing an article on the topic for the local paper. I know that overall, the estimated infected number is between 1 and 5% of the overall population, but I haven’t looked to see how that changes from one state to the next. It hasn’t been a problem in Michigan.


      1. Rabies a big problem here. I don’t know whether WNS was first discovered here, but I do know our brown bat population has suffered majorly because of it. Most of our caves in the region are closed off and guarded against human contamination most of the year in an attempt to protect the living bats and encourage breeding.


  2. This is such a fascinating subject. I love these posts because I always learn something. The picture at the top is so cute! I don’t usually think of bats as cute, but that one sure is. Great post!


  3. Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many species of bats. I love the information I’m learning from your snippets! 🙂


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