Patricia’s Disk-Winged Bat: Beautiful Bat Facts

The Patricia’s disk-winged bat (Thyroptera wynneae) is easily mistaken for another member of the thyroptera family, the Peter’s disk-winged bat (T. discifera) but if you look closely at representatives of both species, you’ll see some small differences, including:


  • The Patricia’s disk-winged bat has light brown hair that is darker at the base than at the tip, whereas the Peter’s disk-winged bat’s hair is grayish brown.
  • The Patricia’s disk-winged bat has a noticeably shorter snout
  • The Patricia’s disk-winged bat’s lower incisors are a different size than the rest of the thyroptera bats.
  • The Patricia’s disk-winged bat’s calcar shaft has two lappets, as does the Spix’s disk-winged bat
  • The suction cup on the Patricia’s disk-winged bat’s thumb is deeper and has a more oblong shape than the other members of the thyroptera family.


The Patricia’s disk-winged bat was named in honor of Patricia Wynne who spent more than forty years working as the artist-in-residence in the Department of Mammalogy at the American Museum of Natural History.


Very few specimens have been obtained since the species was first discovered. According to a Sciency Things article that was published in 2014, researchers had only managed to capture 3 males. A paper published in 2014 spoke of a female that was found after she’d been struck and killed by a passing car.  Of the three males who were caught by researchers, one was found roosting in a dead leave and the other two were caught in ground level mist nets.




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Bauwens, Joe. “A New Species of Disk-Winged Bat From Peru and Brazil.” Sciency Thoughts. 31 May 2014. Web. Accessed 5 November 2017.


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