Will Durian Fruit Give your Love Life a Shot of Adrenaline?

In Malaysia, there’s an old saying, “when the durian come down, the sarongs come off.” The person offering up this bit of lore generally did so with a knowing smile and a gleaming smile, almost as if their mind was going backwards, taking them back to a night when they enjoyed a romantic tryst under a durian tree. The same person is also quick to state in addition to making things interesting in the bedroom, the fruit also boosts fertility. And these claims aren’t contained to Asia. Every single country where durian fruit is grown has their own sets of often outlandish stories about how the fruit enhanced performances.

While the people who live in areas that rely on durian fruit production to support the local economy, most people who weren’t from regions where durian fruit are harvested always believed that the connection between improved sex drive was nothing more than an old wives tale or a clever marketing scheme. And it is good marketing. Desire for homeopathic fertility treatments and libido boosters has done wonders to not only drive up the price of durian fruit, but to also create global appeal, something the industry hadn’t been able to accomplish until recently.

It turns out that, strange as it might seem, eating durian fruit does boost your libido and has a positive impact on a woman’s ability to conceive.

When researchers at the India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) heard the rumor in nearby villages, they decided it was up to them to learn the truth once and for all, so they put together a research project that generated … surprising results.

While the study focused on sperm count, the researchers devised a way to gauge the durian fruit’s aphrodisiac properties as well.

How the Project Worked

The group harvested the fruit they needed for the experiment in August 2008. They made sure that each plant they selected was authenticated before they approved the fruit for their project. Once they fruit was cleaned and freed of impurities, the meat was dried and ground in a powder before a hot extraction method with petroleum ether was used. Once the extractions were complete, the fruit was concentrated, dried, and stored at a carefully regulated temp.

The team gathered 30 sexually mature male Swiss mice and split them into 5 different groups and decided what each group would be fed.

• Group 1 was the control group and was fed a solvent control (0.3% CMC)
• Group 2 was fed a petroleum ether extract 200 mg kg-1 b.wt. (0.3% CMC)
• Group 3 was fed a petroleum ether extract 400 mg kg-1 b.wt. (0.3% CMC)
• Group 4 was fed an isolated compound (3-β-hydroxy-21-Normethyl-19-vinylidenylursane) 20 mg kg-1 b.wt. (0.3% CMC)
• Group 5 was fed an isolated compound (3 β-hydroxy-21-Normethyl-19-vinylidenylursane) 40 mg kg-1 b.wt. (0.3% CMC)

To ensure that each mouse received the compound, the research team used an oral catheter to administer it.

The males were contained in special cages with glass sides until they were ready to be moved into cages that contained female mice that were in estrus. When observing the mice’s sexual behavior, the team used dim lights and started observing the mice 30 minutes after they’re been administered the durian extract. The observation period lasted for 60 minutes and took place on the 1st, 7th, and 14th day.

The Results

The team noted that the mice who’d received the strongest doses of the durian extract performed more quickly and were a great deal more prolific. The mice on the highest dose of durian extract mounted the females on an average of five minutes faster than the mice in the control group. The difference in sexual behavior between the group on the highest dosage of durian and the control group was immediately noticeable and the team noted that as the experiment continued, the same mice exhibited a steadily increasing libido.
The mice who received the highest dosage of durian extract didn’t just perform sooner than the control group, they were also more virile. Their sperm count and mobility was higher than the other groups of mice.

Additional Info

Endowing the guys with better swimmers isn’t the only way that durian fruit helps couples who are struggling with fertility issues. Women also benefit. The fruit contains estrogen which gives women struggling with hormonal levels a nudge in the right direction. Women who’ve been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) will benefit from the fruit’s anti-hyperglycemic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-obesity properties.

Why Durian Does so Much to Boost your Love Life

The fact that the mice used in the experiment experienced such an immediate and measurable response to the durian fruit extract proves that the fruit actually does do something to improve both libido and fertility. The fruit triggers an actual physical and hormonal response that goes way beyond the power of suggestion as previously thought, but as far as I can tell, the scientific community still isn’t sure what compounds in the fruit are responsible for the change, particularly the improved sperm count and sperm mobility.
But in the spirit of honesty, most of us don’t really care why durian fruit improves libido and are perfectly happy just knowing that taking a few minutes to eat durian will generate the desired results.


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