What are Bats?-WeWriWa 1/21/18

It's time for another wewriwa.com snippet and once again, I'm posting from my new release 60 Beautiful Bat Facts. Want to know more about bats? Check out https://www.amazon.com/60-Beautiful-Bat-Facts-Writers-ebook/dp/B076ZQZ99K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516539697&sr=8-1&keywords=beautiful+Bat+facts Thanks for checking out my WeWriWa contribution. Take a few minutes to see what other talented authors are serving up this week!          

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New Zealand’s Walking Bats: Beautiful Bat Facts

New Zealand is home so some pretty unusual animals, including the world’s only walking bats: the greater short-tailed bat (Mystacina robusta) and the lesser short-tailed bat (Mystacina tuberculate.) The Lesser Short-Tailed Bat As the sun slips beneath the horizon, blanketing New Zealand in darkness. A small head pokes out from a narrow rock crevice. The... Continue Reading →

Fishing with the Greater Bulldog Bat

Time to share another snippet from my upcoming release, 60 Beautiful Bat Facts, for the weekly WeWriWa blog hop. If you're a writer and want a chance to share 8-10 sentence snippets of your manuscript, feel free to join in next weeks hop. Published and unpublished pieces are loved. I thought about sharing some of... Continue Reading →

Patricia’s Disk-Winged Bat: Beautiful Bat Facts

The Patricia’s disk-winged bat (Thyroptera wynneae) is easily mistaken for another member of the thyroptera family, the Peter’s disk-winged bat (T. discifera) but if you look closely at representatives of both species, you’ll see some small differences, including:   The Patricia's disk-winged bat has light brown hair that is darker at the base than at... Continue Reading →

Bats: The Romantic Side

Okay, it’s time to share another short snippet of 60 Beautiful Bat Facts as part of this week’s WeWriWa blog hop. If you aren’t familiar with this weekly tradition, it’s pretty simple. Just keep reading. If you’re a WeWriWa veteran, hop down and check out my snippet in the pretty peach box. For the WeWriWa... Continue Reading →

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