The Common Vampire Bat:WeWriWa 7/28/18

For the foreseeable future, I'll continue sharing snippets from my 60 Beautiful Bat Facts book for the WeWriWa blog hop. The next few weeks will focus on vampire bats. Vampire bats are one of the most misunderstood and feared of all the bat species. However, once people get to know a little bit about them, they'll... Continue Reading →

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The White-Winged Vampire Bat: WeWriWa 8/5/18

For last week's WeWriWa snippet I described the crawling, leaping common vampire bat. This week I'm talking about the White-Winged Vampire bat, a little critter that has some unusual feeding habits, even by vampire bat standards. Don't forget to check out the other talented authors who are participating in this week's WeWriWa blog hop. Meanwhile,... Continue Reading →

Urban Bird Walk

I’m always on the lookout for interesting things to do, so when I found out that the Grand Rapids Audubon Society and the Grand Rapids Public Library were working together to host an evening urban bird walk, I jumped at the opportunity.   It really wouldn’t have been possible to have a nicer night for... Continue Reading →

The Dayak Fruit Bat’s Shocking Ability

The smell of ripe figs draws several small, greyish-brown dayak fruit bats away from the limestone cave where they’ve been roosting. The bats flit and flutter through the limbs, seeking out the ideal pieces of fruit, while maintaining a constant stream of chatter with one another. The bats select the piece of fruit they want... Continue Reading →

The Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron A large blueish gray bird stands on a pile of damp rocks. Ignoring the humans floating towards it, the bird keeps its attention on the flowing river water streaming past the rocks. A flash of movement snags the bird’s attention. Keeping its eye on the unsuspecting fish, the heron arches it’s... Continue Reading →

Missing: One Genome Sequence

A group of researchers who has been dubbed the “Bat Pack” has dedicated long hours exploring exactly why bats live so long. For the purposes of their experiment, they used one megabat species, the black flying fox bat, and one microbat species, the David’s myotis, and conducted an analysis on the bats’ genes. The results... Continue Reading →

The Jamaican Fruit Bat

Several thick-bodied bats flutter around a cluster of wild grown cacao trees. They chatter amongst themselves while they seek out pieces of the heavy fruit, favoring the pieces that are under ripe. Once a bat has selected the perfect piece of fruit, the sink their sharp teeth into the flesh and start pulling until the... Continue Reading →

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